Sarah Buchanan

Sage Spa Owner/Master Aesthetician

Sarah has spent over 18 years in the aesthetics industry.  She has cultivated a broad knowledge base and skill set through a dedicated presence in the treatment room and by maintaining a variety of intellectual and educational pursuits.

As an unconventional person driven to do conventional things, she finished up a Bachelor’s degree from Uva taking classes in business, chemistry and philosophy.  As well as completing her Master Aesthetics license in 2016.  

Sarah is often indulging a passion for culture and travel.  Particularly inspiring was a trip to the south of France where she studied natural perfumery and cosmetic formulation at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery.  This hands-on experience in formulating modern skincare and aroma-therapeutic creations was one of the cornerstones in building a sophisticated understanding of skincare.   

Aesthetics, at its best is a blend of art and science.  The deeper one takes the pursuit the more creative elements flourish in the framework of studied methods for treating the skin.  

An educated mind, a practiced hand and an open heart in command of the best products and raw materials are the magic ingredients that go into a great spa treatment.

In 2016 Sarah started Sage Spa with the aspiration to curate unique, beautiful and bespoke spa experiences.

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