Online booking FAQs

You may notice when booking an appointment online that a half an hour extra is reserved beyond the expected and stated service duration.  It is a factor of the software system which is simply showing you the break we schedule in between each appointment.  For example, a 60 minute facial will show an online booking duration of 90 minutes but you can disregard the additional 30 minutes.  

Some services are available as add-on only.  If you are having trouble booking the services you would like through the online system please call or text 434-825-1693 or email  

If you would like to add a credit card on file you may do so by logging on to the online booking system through the ‘book now’ link.  Once you have logged in go to ‘my account’.  Then the ‘payment’ option.  There you can enter your credit card information and choose the authorization box to create a token.  This way we can simply charge your account for any products you would like shipped.  Or for an easy checkout after your relaxing appointment.

While we do not have an online store.  We are happy to ship products.  Please reach out via phone, 434-825-1693 or email at if you are interested in having products shipped to you.  We typically have you purchase an online gift certificate made out to yourself for the ticket amount which we then apply to your product ticket balance.  Online gift purchasing is, at the core an online payment portal.  Alternatively, we can process your credit card over the phone or accept Paypal to