Biologique Recherche facials are advanced skin treatments. All treatments are customized. The architecture of each facial will include double cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage, skin appropriate exfoliation, incorporate masks, serums, and creams tailored to your skin at the moment. The treatment will conclude with an application of sunscreen unless the sun has set. When choosing a treatment you do not have to worry about choosing a specific facial to address dry skin, sensitive skin, a brightening facial, an oxygenating facial, and the dizzying list goes on. You will discuss your concerns and goals with your master aesthetician, who will determine the best array of products and techniques.

Sage Spa includes all gratuities and service charges in the listed price.


If you need a quick fix, these are for you. You and your master aesthetician will discuss your skin concerns at your appointment.

45 min. customized facial
$ 125

This express treatment includes: a double cleanse, skin appropriate AHA/BHA or enzyme exfoliant, mask, serum, treatment cream. This treatment is recommended as a brief but comprehensive introduction to Biologique facials. It is appropriate for young skin that cannot tolerate too much stimulation, skin that needs the basics for a quick boost in radiance.

45 min. Remodeling Face Machine
$ 165

This express RMF treatment includes cleansing and exfoliation. A customized mask is used in conjunction with the RMF machine. Followed by an application of serum and treatment cream.

45 min. Advanced Remodeling Face
$ 205

This advanced express treatment includes cleansing and a choice of either a dermaplane or microdermabrasion exfoliation. A customized mask is used in conjunction with the RMF machine. Followed by an application of serum and treatment cream.

30 min. Microdermabrasion treatment
$ 90

After cleansing, a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion wand removes the damaged outer layer of skin, where shallow surface imperfections live. This manual exfoliation treatment helps to treat sun-damaged skin. It reduces fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and age spots.

30 min. Dermaplane
$ 75

After cleansing a small scalpel is feathered over the skin to gently exfoliate and remove small fine vellus hairs. The result is smooth, luminous skin that allows for better absorption of products. This treatment will conclude with an application of a serum and treatment cream.

Advanced Skin Treatments

Boosters are wonderful targeted treatments. Each booster incorporates specific handwork to manipulate the skin and muscles to complement and enhance its action. Depending on the booster or combination of boosters chosen, the benefits range from purifying, oxygenating, hydrating, soothing, plumping, smoothing and softening fine line and wrinkles. Boosters offer an amazing tool in the treatment room.

60 min. facial + booster
$ 165

This treatment begins with a double cleanse and customized exfoliation. The customized booster is applied in a choreographed series of lifting and stimulating massage techniques. A targeted treatment mask is layered over to deeply penetrate the active ingredients. The treatment is completed with an application of serums and treatment creams.

Remodeling Face Machine Treatments

The Remodeling Face Machine (RFM) from Biologique Recherche offers profound benefits with a unique combination of Galvanic, Medium-Frequency, and High-Frequency currents. The RMF machine oxygenates, firms, reduces pore size, lifts, sculpts, and tightens. It benefits younger skin suffering from large pores and breakouts through the antibacterial action of high-frequency current and oil saponification in the pores. This machine excels at combating pernicious signs of aging like sagging, which can also contribute to large pores while plumping lines and wrinkles, sculpting the jawline, lifting and widening the eyes.

60 min. RFM
$ 225

The RMF machine is incorporated after your double cleanse, exfoliation, and treatment mask. A cocktail of customized Quintessential serums is applied in conjunction with the RMF machine, followed by treatment creams.

90 min. Booster + RFM
$ 265

This highly effective luxury treatment incorporates both a booster and the Remodeling Face machine into your treatment. The skin is double cleansed with extra attention to lymph drainage, followed by customized exfoliation. The best booster or combination of boosters for your skin instants is worked into the décolletage neck and face. Enjoy a stress-reducing neck, and shoulder massage while a mask is infusing over the booster. After the mask is removed, the RMF machine will be used to oxygenate, firm, and sculpt the face with a customized cocktail of Quintessential serums. An application of creams and a finishing serum will complete this rejuvenating facial.

120 min. Triple lift
$ 400

The Triple Lift incorporates three advanced facial treatments: a booster, the Remodeling Face Machine, and a co-factor in one opulent facial collage. This facial follows the general architecture of a 90-minute facial, but the flow is determined by the specific array of products and techniques chosen by your master aesthetician. Depending on which version is chosen, the Co-factor may be executed in one layered mask session or applied in two separate treatment segments. This therapeutic session includes added time for a relaxing and stimulating neck and shoulder massage, a hand and arm treatment, and extra attention, products, and techniques to treat the décolletage.


Add-on’s can be incorporated into any 45, 60 or 90 minute facial. These services will add 15 minutes and $40 to your service. For example, if you choose a 45-minute facial and want to add on a co-factor, your new facial time will be 60 minutes + an additional $40.


Masque Biologique Feerie
$ 40

Restore hydration for a bright, unified complexion and refined pores with the toning and firming benefits of this hydrating marine collagen treatment.

Soin Biovecteur Marine
$ 40

Energizing and toning Japanese marine algae smooths deep wrinkles, tones, and helps prevent photo-induced aging. This repairing, anti-oxidant treatment is excellent for sun recovery and revitalizing a tired or dull complexion.

Masque Collagene Caviar
$ 40

This stimulating combination of tightening collagen and soothing, nourishing Caviar will regenerate and soothe. A refreshing and renewing treatment for smooth firm skin.

Masque PIGM 400
$ 40

An illuminating treatment that helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and control free radical damage for a more radiant complexion. A powerhouse of botanical brightening agents including Dulse, Pea shoot, and finger lime extracts plus stabilized Vit C, provide radiance.

Patch Defatigants eye treatment
$ 40

To immediately reduce signs of fatigue and aging in the eye contour. Targeted peptides, caffeine, silk tree extract, hyaluronic acid, and polysaccharides come together to reduce puffiness, smooth and lift wrinkles, brighten dark circles, and refresh tired eyes.

$ 40

Add this to a 45/60 minute facial. his will add 15 minutes to your facial. Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation option included in sessions that are 90 minutes and longer.

$ 40

Add this to any facial. This will add 15 minutes to your treatment time.

To seek the most beneficial experience and to feel confident that your wants and needs will be met in your customized facial, click below for a guide to the products, machines and techniques that may be woven into your facial treatment time.