All massages are customized. Your therapist will consult with you and blend the appropriate modalities and techniques to address your specified outcomes. Be that gentle relaxation or releasing deep muscle tension. A 90-minute treatment time allows your therapist to incorporate more modalities including hot stones or targeted treatment oils from Biolgoique Recherche. For deeper work we recommend booking a 90-minute deep session or choosing a specified area of tension to focus on during a 60-minute deep session. Sage Spa is focused on skin health and aesthetics. Skin nourishing oils, butters and creams will be used in all massages including herbal oils and skin nourishing creams from Biologique Recherche.

We also have a variety of options that are free of fragrances and essential oils for anyone who prefers this. Please let your therapist know if you have specific allergies or may react to strong botanicals.


Pregnancy Massage: After the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to the due date, massage therapy can safely assist mothers to be. Accommodations, such as body pillows and side lying, are made to ensure a comfortable treatment.

60 Min massage
$ 150
60 Min. deep tissue massage
$ 160
60 min. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
$ 150
90 Min. massage
$ 210
90 Min. deep tissue massage
$ 225
90 Min. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
$ 210
120 Min. Detox Massage
$ 300

This massage offers a combination of deep tissue and manual lymphatic drainage massage. After the deep tissue work breaks up adhesions MLD is used to flush the tissue.

60 min. massage
$ 135
60 min.
$ 135

Deep Tissue Massage

90 min. massage
$ 195
90 min.
$ 205

Deep Tissue Massage


Reflexology, Reiki, and Craniosacral Therapy can be combined to good effect.

30 min Reflexology
$ 55

Reflexology, involves the application of pressure to specific points on the feet, hands and ears. Stimulating these acupressure points is thought to remove blocked qi or energy, restoring balance to the body. A wonderful therapy to calm the nervous system, reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being in body and mind.

30 min Reiki
$ 55

Reiki is a light, hands on treatment that can be experienced simply as warmth with movement or in a way unique to you and your being. It promotes relaxation and reduces stress through gentle touch.

30 min Craniosacral
$ 55

Craniosacral Therpay. The craniosacral system has a distinct rhythm from that of the heart, breath and blood. Gentle pressure is applied to the cranial tissues to promote the movement of fluid and release fascia. This can create an ‘unwiding’ effect that can be very physical, mental or energetic.


Deep tissue massage with Gommage P50 exfoliating treatment

1 hr 45 min
$ 300.00

Incorporate the skin benefits of the exfoliating gommage with the penetrating relief of deep tissue massage.. Gommage P50 Corps from Biologique Recherche is a blend of Alpha, Poly and Beta Hydroxy acids along with buffing particles, hydrating hyaluronic acid, protecting Argan oil and toning Royal Jelly. The Gommage is worked into the skin with stimulating gloves to increase circulation and eliminate dead skin cells. Following a trip to the shower a 60 minute deep tissue massage with hydrating, stimulating creams and nourishing oils for nourished skin and deep muscle release.

Sage Spa includes all gratuities and service charges in the listed price.