Lizzie Thomas

Massage Therapist

Never underestimate the impact a good massage can have on our quality of life. As a massage therapist, my aim is to apply this healing modality wisely, effectively and in accordance with my clients’ expectations and stated goals.

I love a good mystery. As a therapist,a big aspect of my job is to determine how to best use my massage skills to encourage the body towards greater comfort and ease. My methodology is to ask questions and to listen to my clients’ words as well as to translate the language the terrain of the body conveys. My hands in conjunction with client feedback are tools to explore the impressions postural imbalances, repetitive movement and stress make on the tissue of the body. These clues inform which therapeutic massage techniques might optimally serve the client.

Throughout a session, I hold the intention of doing no harm while maintaining attention to verbal and non-verbal communication to guide my movements, pressure and areas of focus. It is my hope that my massage work, underpinned by over 20 years of employment in the fields of wellness and fitness and extensive training and education in anatomy, massage, yoga, and energy medicine will provide relief, relaxation and healing to those I have the privilege of supporting.

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