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Sage Spa offers therapeutic body treatments from Biolgique Recherche. These luxury treatments incorporate lymphatic drainage massage and specialized firming and lifting products with handwork that layers deep exfoliation with targeted products to soothe, smooth, detoxify, slim, sculpt, tighten and lift the body.

Sage Spa includes all gratuities and service charges in the listed price.

Gommage P50 Skin Renewing Treatment

 Incorporate the benefits of biological exfoliation and a manual scrub. Gommage P50 Corps is a blend of Alpha, Poly and Beta Hydroxy acids along with buffing particles, hydrating hyaluronic acid, protecting Argan oil and toning Royal Jelly. The Gommage will be worked into the skin with stimulating gloves and a series of draining movements to eliminate dead skin cells and hydrate. Following a trip to the shower an application of customized treatment creams will give the finishing touch to this renewing treatment.nt.

90 min.
$ 300

Toning and Detoxifying Algae Body Wrap

A stimulating full body exfoliation using Lotion P50 Corps.Yes! Biologique’s eponymous exfoliant for the face has a body complement. A series of Lymphatic drainage techniques for reducing blockages with customized oils for toning will be layered on followed by a smoothing, re-mineralizing Algae. You will be wrapped in soothing heated blankets to allow the products to penetrate. Following a trip to the shower an application of customized treatment creams will give the finishing touch to this comforting treatment.

1 hr. 45 min.
$ 260
Add on
$ 40

Eye Treatment

Add on
$ 40

Treatment mask for the face

Booster Minceur

An invigorating full body exfoliation using Lotion P50 Corp prepares the skin to absorb a powerful combination of enzymatic powder and aqueous activating serum of toning botanicals and mineral ions which work together with draining, sculpting and lifting movements to smooth, firm and tone the body.  This treatment promotes micro-circulation acting as a vascular tonic restoring vitality to slackened skin.  Targeted treatment creams for cellulite, circulation, and/or stretch marks will be incorporated depending on the condition of the skin.

60 min.
$ 165
15 min. add on
$ 50

Full body Booster Minceur to an Algae Wrap

15 min. add on
$ 40

Booster Minceur for the arms in a facial

Invigorating and Restorative Leg Treatment

A tonic for tired legs.  This is a decongesting and vasotonic treatment that energized and relieves heavy legs.  A stimulating application of P50 exfoliation is followed by lymphatic drainage.  The stomach is decongested to eliminate toxins before moving onto draining movements on the legs with the muscle soothing Crème Defatigante from Biologique Recherche.  A cooling compression wrap is applied to reduce swelling and further decongest.  This treatment is finished with an application toning and regenerating Huile Jambes Lordes to provide a rejuvenating boost for the legs.

*Some products in this treatment are not suitable during pregnancy.  However, this treatment can be modified to provide a wonderfully soothing treatment during pregnancy. 

45 min add on
$ 90

Available as an add on to a facial or a massage

Biologique Recherche Scalp treatment

To maintain vigorous and healthy hair the skin of the scalp needs exfoliation and detoxification. P50 Capillaire scalp exfoliant is worked in with a stimulating massage glove to remove dead skin and increase blood flow.  Then the purifying Masque Bain de Plantes is applied to the scalp and the nourishing intensive Masque Biologique Capillaire is applied to the ends of the hair

15 min add on
$ 75

Available as an add on to a facial or a massage

To seek the most beneficial experience and to feel confident that your wants and needs will be met in your body treatments, click below for a guide to the products and techniques that may be woven into your facial treatment time.