All MBR facials are customized and will include double cleanse, the second cleanse will be performed with the Enzyme cleansing booster if skin appropriate, followed by a gentle hydrating enzyme exfoliation. Smoothing and lifting massage techniques to penetrate layers of toners, hydrators, serums, masks, moisturizers and eye treatment products to revivify the skin. In all facials the extended time options increase the sophistication of the facial products, techniques and work with machines. All facials will finish with an application of sunscreen unless the sun has set.

60 minute
$ 300
90 minute
$ 390

Extended time may include micro current, a second mask, advanced anti-aging for the neck and decollete or hand treatment.

Liquid Surgery Facial

This luxury facial incorporates the Liquid Surgery Serum from MBR. A revolutionary serum that transforms the skin, revealing an exceptional perfect complexion. Only found in Liquid Surgery Serum®, a synergistic ingredient system based on a medical synthetic oxygen carrier is used as a hemoglobin substitute and replaces excess carbon dioxide with essential, pure oxygen. This remarkable process allows for a complete rejuvenation of the cell metabolism. Combined with the multitude of highly concentrated ingredients, this state-of-the-art treatment delivers significant, sustainable and measurable skin care results, revealing a youthful, flawless complexion. Neuromuscular blocking compounds reduce microcontractions, resulting in a dramatic reduction of wrinkles and creases. Strengthened collagen fibers prevent further sagging of the skin and wrinkle formation. Colloidal gold allows for an optimal penetration of precious ingredients. Liquid Surgery Serum® reverses the signs of aging due to contemporary life, and is considered by skincare professionals throughout the world as a competitive alternative to aesthetic procedures.

45 minutes
$ 300

This Liquid Surgery duration will incorporate targeted micro current.

60 minutes
$ 380

This Liquid Surgery duration will incorporate targeted micro current.

90 minutes
$ 550

This Liquid Surgery duration will incorporate full session of microcurrent and firming neck, decollete, and hand treatment.

To seek the most beneficial experience and to feel confident that your wants and needs will be met in your customized facial, click below for a guide to the products, machines and techniques that may be woven into your facial treatment time.